Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Almond Meal Experiment

Today was a great day – we made it to church, went to a birthday party, and I took the girls tobogganing (two days in a row). And I REALLY enjoyed it both days. For those of you that know me I normally hate being cold and avoid the outdoors at all costs. But this -10 degree weather feels almost balmy after the cold spell we've had. And it’s another testament to the fact that this new clean lifestyle has given me energy I never had in years. The old me would have dreaded trudging up and down the hill ………….but I was having a blast. Went head over tea kettle a couple of times and may have broken my arm but it is all good. I love not feeling tired all the time – what a concept.  
Test Batch #1 - Wheat Belly Basic Biscuit made with Home-made Almond Meal. Delish!

Test Batch #2 - Wheat Belly Basic Biscuit made with blanched almond flour. Also Delish!

We were so busy that I didn't really make a proper meal so no new recipes but I did do a test batch of biscuits as a follow up on my almond meal/flour post yesterday. Saturday I made my first fresh batch of almond meal so I thought I better test it out today. I made the same batch of Basic Wheat belly biscuits (the recipe is in the Wheat Belly Cookbook - at Costco for $14.99 - get it): one time with bought blanched almond flour from Bulk Barn and again with home-made (half the price) almond meal. The result – they look almost identical other than the almond meal version being a little darker, they taste almost exactly the same (the blanched might taste a wee bit lighter) and they are both really delicious. Okay - this is really a good wheat-free/sugar-free biscuit. OMG - yummy.  So the verdict - at half the price I think I will be using almond meal as much as I can unless the recipe specifically asks for "blanched almond flour". 

And to answer the question of what do you eat for breakfast if you don't eat's an example!

Mama eats a delicious wheat-free egg Mc Muffin. So good, so clean. That's a Wheat Belly Basic Biscuit, a free run egg, nitrate & gluten free turkey bacon and cheddar cheese.  High protein, low carbs!


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