Here are some recipes I have developed just for my kids. My clean-eating kids.

My three kids all have different dietary requirements than me. They all have a sensitivity to dairy so they are basically dairy-free except for a bit of butter. Two of them have a sensitivity to sugar so I keep their recipes refined sugar free and try to limit the general sweetness of their food in an effort to reduce their overall sugar consumption. One of them is egg and gluten sensitive. So we basically all go gluten-free. And since all the schools and daycares are nut-safe I "try" and make some recipes that I can pack in the lunch kit.

They are kids. They are active. There adrenals are in good shape. They can handle more carbohydrates than me. So unlike recipes you will find in my recipe index or recipage they may contain non-glutenous grains and some natural sweeteners.

I'm keeping their recipes separate so not to confuse people that come to my site for low-carbohydrate and Candida diet recipes. These ones are for the kids...................

Vegan (Egg & Dairy Free) and Gluten Free Recipes - Specific For my Kids (not all Low Carb or Grain free)


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