I have come up with my list of what food I include/avoid in my clean eating based on reading various books, websites, blogs, my IGG food sensitivity tests and how I believe food interacts with my body (from lots of trial and error). I am basically following a grain-free, dairy-free, low sugar, low carbohydrate diet in an attempt to solve my stomach problems, blood sugar swings, adrenal fatigue and sugar cravings. My three children have different nutritional requirements and food sensitivities than myself so they still eat some non-glutenous grains.

In general, I would consider my diet a "modified" paleo diet. My modifications basically include allowing white potatoes (in moderation and mainly for convenience when eating out), legumes/beans/peas, organic non-GMO soy in moderation and peanut butter.

If you want some tips on the specific types of foods and products I keep in my pantry - go here for my Mama's Pantry page.

Foods to Include:
  • Veggies, Veggies, Veggies - We pretty much eat all the standards. I try to buy organic and/or local when its available at a reasonable price. 
  • Legumes/beans - I originally tried to eliminate these from my diet; however, I have experimented on eliminating and re-introducing them and my system can handle them. So they are back as a staple of my diet a couple times a week as they keep me full and satisfied - and mentally I need something as a replacement for grains. I try different varieties of lentils (black being my favorite and eat mainly chickpea's and black beans. 
  • Meat & Seafood - We try to eliminate meats with nitrates and additives and eat organic, grass-fed, hormone-free and antibiotic free chicken, pork and beef as much as possible. We try and by wild (versus farmed) seafood when its available. 
  • Fruits - We always have a variety on hand and this is of course one of the easiest healthy foods I can get my kids to eat. I try to stick to 2 or 3 servings a day as a target.
  • Eggs - I buy free run eggs and liquid egg whites with no antibiotics.
  • Oils - We mainly use butter, extra virgin olive oil, grapeseed oil (for baking) and coconut oil. If I need a margarine replacement I use expeller pressed coconut oil. I rarely eat anything deep fried and no longer use vegetable oil or margarine. 
  • Nuts & seeds - We eat lots of nuts, nut butters and nut flours. I use coconut and/or almond flour as a replacement for traditional flours in my baking. I incorporate raw sunflower, pumpkin, chia and hemp seeds in lots of my baking and cooking. I also use arrowroot starch and ground golden flax pretty routinely.
  • Spices and herbs - we use lots of different spices and herbs and only use sea salt. Cilantro is a favorite
  • Chocolate - I try to only eat and bake with 70% cacao chocolate and I love cacao nibs.  
  • Soy - I only eat this in moderation. Once a day at the most with a target of only 3 or 4 times a week. I keep it non-GMO and organic and as whole as possible. Generally, I eat edename on salads or Silkken tofu in desserts. 
  • Caffeine - I completely gave up caffeine during my third pregnancy and now realize I have had a major caffeine sensitivity my whole life. That stuff is poison for me. I pretty much just drink tea and water. 
  • Processed Foods - I try not to eat any processed foods or fast food if I can avoid it. 
  • Sugar - this has been the most difficult thing for me and I still struggle with my sugar cravings.I have mainly cut out sugar for myself. If I do need a sweetener I use Stevia, honey or pure maple syrup.
  • Wheat, Gluten and Grains - I'd say I am 99% off grains. The only reason I still have them a bit is that I still feed some non-glutenous grains to my kids and so I sometimes cheat as I'm filling their plates. I've eliminated and re-introduced grains several times and unfortunately they "slow" down my system quite severely and I end up getting anxiety if I eat them.
  • Dairy - I have never eaten a lot of dairy because I am somewhat lactose intolerant (especially to straight up milk). I used to eat high protein greek yogurt but found out I have a yogurt sensitivity. I use un-sweetened coconut or almond milk for baking, cooking and smoothies. I eat goat cheese in moderation.
  • Other - here are a few other things I have tried/tested through elimination and re-introduction and found that they don't agree with my system at all: , physillium husks, yogurt, Chicory root. 
  • I do use protein powder (usually a vegan powder) to make smoothies as a supplement as I just don't have time in the morning to always make a proper breakfast. If I get enough protein in the morning my appetite is much more controlled all day. 
  • I try to have protein within 1 hour of waking up  and then I'm supposed to be having it every 2-3 hours all day. I also try to have protein within 1 hour of a work-out.
  • I don't count carbs or calories. I just try to eat my protein regularly which helps to control my appetite and blood sugar swings. 
  • I try and get to sleep by 10 each night. If any of you struggle with insomnia/anxiety this is a must.
  • Be active and stay fit. Go here to see how MamaStaysFit.
That's it in a nutshell - no pun intended.

I don't follow one plan specifically but if you are interested in some specific diet plans here are some good links  to check out:

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  1. Hi Chantel I am a friend of your Mom's and your sister Laurie and she just posted this beautiful and informational site of yours on Facebook. I have read it all and enjoyed it very much. Thanks for all the good tips, as i am gluten intolerant some of these recipes sound perfect for me. Also the tofu noodles must see if I can find them here in Dauphin as I do miss pasta, sometimes I get to Brandon and get a supply of different ingredients from the Bulk barn there, will keep coming back to see what else you have to report. Joan Childs

  2. Hi Joan - so glad you found it and enjoyed it. Getting ingredients can be challenging in the city so I'm sure its pretty limited in Dauphin. If you can't find the noodles in Brandon you might want to think about ordering directly from "". I think they ship in Canada and have free shipping? Haven't tried this brand but you can check our their website. Let me know how the recipes turn out if you try anything.

  3. Hi Chantel, it's colette Deanna's sister in law. I'm looking forward to reading about your journey- especially your food ideas and recommendations. I've recently started reading Wheat Belly and have been inspired….

    1. Hey there. Hope you find some recipes you like. I started with the Wheat Belly too. I also really like the Clean Gut book. The key is to figure out specifically what YOUR system can and can't handle since we are all different. Its been a ton of work to figure it out but its amazing how different I feel now that I fuel my body properly with clean food and sleep. Good luck on your own journey and hopefully we catch up in person sometime when you are in for a visit. Take care..........and eat clean.

  4. I am interested in trying out a few of your recommendations :) Especially since I am trying to loose weight. I have been looking for a skin tightening solution for when I am done and need a little help in the toning department.

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