Here are some of my new most used items - it hard getting starting on lots of the clean eating recipes from Everyday Paleo, the WheatBelly Cookbook, and various blogs, etc until I had some base ingredients........hopefully this helps you get started in Winnipeg/Manitoba/Canada and saves you some gas money from driving around like I did.  I'm not saying you need all these things but if you want them here are some of my comments..............note there are links in some to posts I've made with more information about the ingredient.

Coconut oil - They carry this at Bulk barn (in bulk or in bottles), Vita Health, Costco (new product - yay). They are selling the organic virgin coconut oil at Costco for about $16 for 1.5 kg (that's a great price) - about $5 a pound which is significantly less than anywhere else I've seen it. Normally you pay about $8 per lb. I believe expeller pressed has less coconut smell than cold pressed.

Coconut Milk - I use canned full fat coconut milk for lots of cooking and baking. You can get it at all the major grocery stores. You can also get some in a carton for drinking but that's not generally the type I would be referring to in a recipe. Click here for my post on coconut milk.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - I get this at Costco for about $10 for 1 1/2 litres. It is supposedly very good quality for the money.

Almond Flour (blanched) - For most baking recipes you need blanched almond flour. You can get this at Bulk Barn and its about $11.50 per lb. I also ordered some online from for about 1/2 the price - see my post on my order here. Almond meal is something different (ground with skins on) - you can see more information in my post on making almond meal.

Almonds/Walnuts/Pecans - So far I buy all my nuts at Costco. That's the best price I've seen and they taste awesome.

Shiratake Noodles - These are wheat free, low-carb, low calorie tofu noodles. They come packed in liquid and are served in single serve packages. I actually was able to find packs of these at the Safeway in Southdale (South East Winnipeg) - they have spaghetti and macaroni shapes. They are in the refrigerator section next to produce - House Brand. Are about $2.50 per pack. The only other place in Winnipeg I know has them (Miracle brand) is Scoop and Save on Portage avenue - I think they are $2.49 per pack but I don't know which shapes - way too far for me to drive to check it out.

Coconut Flour (organic) - I have bought this at both Bulk Barn and Super Store (natural foods section). Its quite cheap so love recipes that use this instead of almond flour.

Golden Flax seed - I got organic golden flax seed at Bulk Barn but they should also have it at most the health food stores. I just grind it in my coffee grinder and then put it in a sealed container in the fridge. This stuff if awesome for baking and as a replacement for wheat flour. Love it. You can also get the regular brown flax but apparently the golden flax is better for baking, etc. They carry ground golden flax at Costco if you don't have a grinder or don't want the hassle but its roasted - I prefer the fresh ground stuff. Just a note that brown flax is not the same as golden flax so recipes might not turn out the same if you are using brown flax.

Liquid Stevia - I think you can get this most grocery and health stores - I have seen it at Super Store and Vita Health. I paid about $16 for a small bottle but you seriously need very little of this stuff so although it seems expensive it will last for a long time so don't fret the price (like I did as I stood there starting at it for 5 minutes and put it back twice before I finally decided to take it).

Chia Seeds - These have become a staple in my pantry. They are low-carbohydrate, gell up to make an easy pudding and are packed with nutrition and fibre. Check out this post for more info on this fabulous seed and search my blog for various recipes where I've used it.

Hemp Seeds - Another staple in my pantry. They are also low-carb and have a high protein component in addition to key vitamins, minerals, fibre and Omega's. Love them. Check out this post for more inform on hemp seed and search my blog for various recipes where I've used it.

Plain, Unsweetened, high Protein Greek Yogurt - I try to use this instead of or half and half with regular yogurt as I am trying to cut back on our sugar intake, especially mine, and its a good source of protein. See my post on my yogurt journey here. I have subsequently learned I have a yogurt sensitivity so had to give it up entirely. 

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