Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes - Wheat Belly Cookbook

Served with Butter and Real Maple Syrup
This is a picture of the Lemon PoppySeed Pancakes from the Wheat Belly Cookbook. They are made with Almond Flour. I ate them with butter, pure maple syrup (which I got at Costco) and strawberries.  I made them just for myself - lovely how we are still eating 5 different breakfasts in our house - some day that WILL stop. Anyway - the benefit was that I had lots of leftovers which I froze. I had "leftovers" today and reheated them but toasting in the toaster - I topped those with blueberries and they were even better than the first batch. So yummy! I'll be making these again.

I also saw the recipe on the Dr. OZ website. I love Dr. Oz in all his cheesy glory - he drives hubby nuts but he likes the topics so can't stop watching. This is one of the only shows I watch (like once a week for 15 minutes because I never really have time) or would like to watch if I could. Not sure why their picture of the pancakes look like crepes and mine look like pancakes?? Confusing - mine is a real pictures. 

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