Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Toxin Tuesdays - 3 Ways to Detox on a Dime when you don't have much Time

I'm pretty strapped for time with three wee ones but I make time for these three detox methods every day - a glass of warm fresh squeezed lemon water, dry brushing with a sisal brush and a hot Epsom bath. 

There are unfortunately toxins everywhere. I'm trying not to get fanatic
about it but I am taking steps to reduce the toxins I am exposing us to as
much as I can. My first focus was reducing the toxins we eat in the form of
wheat (sorry farmers), sugar and processed foods. I'm also working on going
organic and hormone/antibiotic free on the foods we do eat.

As a side project, I'm also reading up on the forms of toxins we get
exposed to other ways - our personal hygiene products, household cleaners,
the air we breathe and the water we drink. I'll slowly incorporate
changes in these areas as time and money allow and as I educate myself. And
we already have a ton of toxins in our body. We can try and kick them out by internal cleansing and detoxification. I've decided Toxin Tuesdays will be the day I will blog about progress I'm making on my side project.

Given I'm eating clean, exercising and I'm not stressed I'm a little miffed
that I'm still experiencing symptoms of adrenal fatigue. If you don't know
what that is - congratulations - I envy you. I had severe adrenal fatigue
(ie. Burn out) two years ago. My symptoms now are mild compared to then but
my anxiety, night sweats and blood sugar swings are sure signs something is
still "stressing" my adrenals.

So I have started a few quick and easy internal cleansing and
detoxification methods to see if that can help. I'm still nursing so a hard
core cleanse isn't in the cards right now (and I'm not sure I would do one
anyway). But I've started these three things because I can fit them in my
day and they are cheap.

1) Lemons. If life gives you lemons make lemonade..... Or if life gives you
adrenal fatigue and/or toxins have the  juice squeezed from half a lemon in
a half cup of warm water when you wake up in the morning.

I do this every morning before I eat or drink anything and then take my
pro-biotics. Why. Fresh squeezed lemon juice is alkalizing to the body
(which is what we want), stimulates bile production and is cleansing for
the kidneys. And who doesn't want clean kidneys. The adrenals sit on the
kidneys - they are friends. So I think I should take care of them. Plus my
high protein diet probably gives my kidneys a bit of a work-out so I'm just
giving back.

Plus they are pretty cheap - about $.30 to $.60 a lemon so a detox for as
little as $.15 a day. And frankly, there is an interior design
motive as well - a bowl of fresh lemons on the counter looks amazing. Am I wrong?

2) Dry brushing. All this entails is brushing the skin with a natural
bristle brush before showering or bathing toward the heart, gently but
vigorously in long firm strokes. I start with my legs, torso, neck, shoulders and end with my arms (from fingers to armpits). It literally takes a couple minutes - I can make time for this. I bought a $4 sisal brush from Walmart. Cheap.

Dry brushing stimulates lymph flow (which is directy related to your immune
and detoxification systems) and it good for skin tone. Hey - and it feels
good, invigorating!

3) Epsom salt bath. I love taking baths so this is no hardship. I am
terrible at relaxing or sitting still EXCEPT my half hour super hot bath
each night. This is another cheap detox (except that my husband says I put
a real drain on our hot water tank). I got 4kg's of Epsom salts at Walmart
for $10. I've also tried apple cider vinegar and plan to try a fresh ginger
bath soon. The epsom bath is a good detox because it contains magnesium to
relax muscles and sulfur to aid in detoxification and it helps increase blood
supply to the skin.

So there are three ways you can quickly and cheaply do a daily
detox......but I gotta run - time for my bath.


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