Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday week in review - Clean Fuel not getting me far!I

On Sunday's I like to reflect on my week of clean eating and maybe re-evaluate where I need to make some tweaks. My sweet tooth was fairly under control this week - always my biggest struggle. I still ate my fair share of dark chocolate and this weekend I overdid it a bit on the fruit. Pretty good overall and my cravings weren't off the charts so I'm happy. Otherwise it was a pretty typical week - lots of Chia seed, protein shakes, eggs and salads. Dinners were pretty basic - I was too tired and busy baking. I will try and get cooking a bit more this week so food boredom doesn't set in and I start craving my old comfort foods. 

My energy levels are not what they were a month ago. I got a B12 shot early in the week to see if that would help - it did a bit but still feel pretty low energy this weekend. I actually think I'm fighting a flu bug so we'll see how I feel in a couple of days. In the meantime I'm upping my daily dose of Vitamins C & D to try to combat it. And man do I hate this time change - that could also be contributing to my low energy - having trouble getting to bed at 10 but baby still getting up early (and often) so overall in a bit of a sleep deficit. Or maybe its just the breastfeeding that's zapping my energy? Who knows.

I am meeting my new doctor tomorrow - I think I finally found a female GP to take me in - not easy in Winnipeg.  And getting some blood work back from the Naturopath on Tuesday - will be interesting to see how my kidneys are responding to my new high protein diet and whether it will give any indication of why I'm still having adrenal fatigue even though I have no stress and eat clean? 

Anyway - not an exciting week eating wise but we kept it are some of the eats that didn't make the blog roll.....

Chia Banana Almond Pancakes - one with yogurt and blueberries and one with dark chocolate/almond butter spread and strawberries. I was testing to see which way I liked it better before I topped pancake #3 - the chocolate won of course.

Hubby made a batch of ham and cabbage soup - we eat a pot of this pretty much every week. Maybe because its one of the only clean foods hubby cooks? His was actually better than mine - hmmmm, maybe he snuck in something on the banned list?

Had lots of Chocolate Chia Protein smoothies this week with dark chocolate chips and cacao. I'm kind of addicted to them. 
Of course I ate more chia and hemp porridge. 

Greek salad with grilled shrimp. The shrimp was chewy?

Lunch - I'm telling you - some really unexciting meals this week. 

Another Greek salad with leftover shrimp this time with a side of twice baked spaghetti squash. 

I made two more batches of Banana bread on friday - the girls love it. Seriously an awesome recipe - try it!

One of the kids meals. I get tired of making them a separate meal so this is what they get lots of times when they don't want to eat what we are having - a snack meal. A little of this and a little of that and no wheat if possible. That's to balance off all the wheat heavy meals they have at other meals. 

Rotisserie chicken (one each week), zucchini cakes and a broccoli salad.  The broccoli salad was really yummy with some jicama in it for crunch and a hint of sweetness. 

Yep - more apple nacho's. I might be starting to slow down on these....or maybe not. I could use one right now.

Lean pork breakfast sausage, scrambled eggs and sweet potato and spinach skillet. Breakfast for dinner saves the day yet again.
Dark Chocolate Zucchini Brownies - don't they look awesome - WRONG. Sometimes I try too hard to go sugar-free. These were an awesome texture and good taste but bitter.  I'm going to try these again this week with some Xylitol or Agave so keep posted for a possible recipe.
A snack for the girls. A little banana/apple/cookie nacho's. Anything shaped as a face is a hit with those two.
A craft we did today - why reindeer in March - well its still full on winter here and because my 3 year old saw the picture on google images (we were supposed to be making egg carton Caterpillars)  and insisted she made a reindeer. They turned out cute and she had fun so its all good.
My friend brought me tulips yesterday - lovely aren't they? They perked right up when we cut the stems. Now if only spring would arrive outside as well. 
Dinner - spinach with turkey taco meat, cheese, tomato, onions, a couple gluten-free rice crackers and salsa/ranch dressing. Yummy.
I tried to salvage my chcolate zucchini brownies by making them into a frozen yogurt parfait. They were still bitter. Oh well!

A spinach, broccoli, jicama and chicken salad for lunch.

 So that's a wrap. I'm going to do my nightly detox ritual - dry-brush and a hot Epsom bath and then off to bed - hopefully before 9:00. I'm exhausted!


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