Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter! Skip the Paska - Fill Up on Eggs!

Happy Easter to everyone! This is a picture of our traditional ukrainian easter basket from a previous year that I am sharing. This year I will be skipping on the paska (bread - top left) and babka (bread - middle).

On the holidays, sticking to my self imposed low-carb, wheat-free lifestyle can be a challenge. Firstly, because we are eating away from the house and its hard to expect others to stock the fridge, pantry and dinner table with mama-friendly clean food. Its confusing for people -what don't you eat again? I could send them to my "MamasFoodGuidelines" page on my blog but really its my issue, not theirs. Second, I grew up on these foods. I have a very strong sentimental attachment to the traditional foods of my Ukrainian heritage - paska, babka, perogies, my grandma's famous noodle casserole, cheese rolls - the list of wheat-filled goodies goes on. I associate these foods with happy memories of big family gatherings. Some of those people are gone now like my Grandma that ALWAYS packed the biggest Easter basket in the church. We were, and are, a big hungry food loving family. So its kind of sad to turn my back on all of these foods.

But I also associate the holidays with a guaranteed stomach ache. And with the stomach ache comes tiredness, bad sleeps - this list also goes on. And I'm not the best mother and not making the best memories with MY new little family if I don't feel my best. So I will be skipping the wheat, saying no-thanks to the sugar and filling my plate with the clean stuff.

Luckily, the easter basket is actually full of lots of things I can eat: eggs, ham, pork, kolbassa, cottage cheese. They don't even need to make anything special just for me. So indulge if there is something you MUST have but don't do it at the expense of a stomach ache.  Enjoy your family and have a very happy  easter.

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