Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Reflections - Spring Flooding Part 2

Well, my two mischievous little house flooders were at it again.

Its been almost one year since our last "man-made" flooding incident. That's the great thing about blogging - you can go back and check these things since they are well documented.

One year ago on March 21st my two daughters plugged the bathroom sink with Kleenex and turned the water on full blast. Then they immediately lost interest in their project and came upstairs to go to bed. I discovered their attempt to make an indoor swimming pool about 3 hours later. I have the post to prove just so happens to accompany one of my most popular recipes - Clean and Low-Carb Shepard's Pie.

What I actually remember most about that event is that I was in VERY ROUGH SHAPE. So exhausted that I could barely put one foot in front of the other. I felt terrible. I was so nutrient deficient, Candida ridden and ill that I barely reacted when I felt the water squish up through my socks. I didn't have the energy to feel anything - or clean it up. I just shut the water off, called my husband to come home from work and sat on the couch in a complete daze, staring at the wall, until he came home. I was a mess. As was my basement.

Fast forward almost a year. Another flood. More Kleenex. This time it was the upstairs bathroom. This time it wasn't intentional - not entirely. Just the misguided idea that you should throw half a waded up roll of toilet paper (left over from an earlier "play" idea that went bad)  into the bowl (rather than the garbage). And then flush it repeatedly when it won't go down. And then laugh your head off when it starts overflowing rather than actually panicking and running to get your parents. Needless to say there is now water dripping into our kitchen from various spots in our ceiling.

But this time my husband was home - Thank the Lord. And this time I feel like a totally different person. I don't feel exhaustion, brain fog or rage.  I have been struggling a bit with my energy levels but after getting a B12 injection yesterday I am feeling great. Full of energy. I feel like myself. I can cope with what life throws at me. Or what life drips on me.

So as much as this latest flood is a pain in the arse. A make-work project. Its actually been a good reminder of how far I've come. How much better I am feeling.

I'm not thrilled to have toilet water leaking into my kitchen (anyone want to come over for dinner? LOL). But I am thrilled to be feeling good. To be back on the path to the best version of myself.

And as mischievous as they might be, I am blessed to have 3 healthy, if somewhat diet challenged, children that keeps things interesting. And WET.


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