Sunday, March 30, 2014

Kids Craft Time - Food Colouring & Snow = Fun

March 29th - Yep - We still have HUGE snow banks in our back yard!

After my announcement on Wednesday that I was taking a break from I am!

Its funny how a passion can be inspiration for a hobby. And then the hobby becomes an obligation. And then you lose your passion for your hobby.

But as soon as that hobby is no longer an becomes a passion again. So I felt like posting something today. Just not food related.

I did do some major baking yesterday (recipes to come some day - maybe) and came up with this fantastic idea for my kids.........


Which one of my friends informed me is not actually a new idea. So some other brilliant mother has thought of this before. Oh well. Its fun.

If you are in Winnipeg.......or anywhere that the POLAR  VORTEX laid its cold and frigid hands, you might still have mountains of snow in your backyard. And you might be itching for spring and/or to kick your kids outside to play. Cabin fever anyone?

This will get them out there and keep them happy for a while:

  • Fill several containers with water. I used leftover plastic fruit cup containers that I save for such occassions; 
  • Add a few drops of food colouring to each one. Stir; 
  • Give each of your kids a medicine dropper (I used 10 ml ones); 
  • Let them suck up the coloured water and spray it on the snow to create abstract snow art;
  • My friend said this also works with SPRAY bottles - why didn't I think of that? Brilliant.
Note - you might not want them to wear their good jackets when they do this...........unless you want tie-dyed outerwear on them next year.

Have a fun and colourful Sunday!


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