Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Reflections - The Costs of Feeling Good

I would be lying if I didn't tell you that this clean lifestyle was not expensive at times.

The food. Yep. I spend quite a bit of money on all these "clean" ingredients. This is partially offset by the savings we get since we RARELY eat out anymore, can't pick up a pizza and generally avoid fast food. I take my lunch to work 98% of the time and have given up coffee. And given my passion for being environmentally friendly (and my general cheapness) we waste VERY LITTLE food. I do everything in my power to make sure we eat every last drop of all those expensive ingredients.

But my bank account has still been taking a beating.

Its the supplements.

I know some of you often wonder what supplements I take. And I want to figure out how much I am spending in a month. So here is a snapshot of what I am currently taking.

 Believe me, this list is a lot shorter than it once was - but its still way longer than I want it to be. So here you have it (cost is for a one month's supply)..........

Ferramax (iron - 1 per day) -                                       $18
Adrenal Balance (2  per day) -                                      $62
Vitamin C (2 per day) -                                               $negligible
Vitamin B12 with Folic Acid (1 per day)                        $3.50
Align Probiotic (1 per day)                                           $30
Vitamin D drops (5 drops per day)                                $3 (estimate)
B12 Injection                                                              $12

I'm also taking a Digestive Aide (Betaine/Pepsin) before dinner - sometimes. I'm supposed to be taking 2 before each meal but I just can't seem to keep up with it. I also take a Calcium/Magnesium liquid supplement once in a while if I'm not sleeping well but I didn't include it because I'm not doing it consistently.

My goal - to be off everything except the Vitamin D. Probably somewhat unrealistic since I seem to have a B12 deficiency. Okay - everything except B12 and D. And maybe a round of probiotics a couple times a year. For maintenance.

But at this point in time - $128.50 each month. That's $1,542 a year. And that doesn't include what I give my kids.

Expensive. Yeah. Worth it. Yeah. I feel pretty great.

But I still have hope that I can get off those adrenals. I'm going to drop down to one a day and see what happens.............................wish me luck!