Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Reflections - Sometimes you just gotta give Thanks!

And today is one of those days.

Thanks for my three kids that love me even when I yell.

Thanks for my husband that loves me enough to go on a gluten and sugar free diet (almost) even though he doesn't really need to.

Thanks for my friends. That send me words of encouragement when I fail at something. I got a few of those this week. And boy did they help.

Thanks for my readers. Especially the ones that share their stories or just let me know they are out there.

Thanks for Chia. Thanks for 100% cocoa. Thanks for coconut milk. Thanks for Vega One. What would I do without you.

Thanks for my ice cream maker and my waffle maker too. Life is better with ice cream and waffles.  Especially when you fail at something.

Thanks for the Candida diet. Its a love/hate thing. But I feel like myself again and for that I am grateful. I've done three weeks of the NO CHEAT strict phase of the diet - and I feel pretty fabulous. Its working. I don't yell much anymore. I don't feel spaced out. I have energy. Cravings don't rule my days. My digestive system is working.

Thanks for being able to get over Adrenal Fatigue. I had a super stressful week and yet I feel OKAY.

Thanks for being able to give yourself a break. I started out the month of September with a mission to work on the "mind" part of my mind/body connection. And I'm doing it. I failed at something this month. I gave up on something that the old me would have went ahead and done for all the wrong reasons. And I'm okay with it. I'm not letting it consume me. I'm not perfect.


Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Everyone!

Focus on what you have to be thankful for.............I have lots!

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