Friday, May 24, 2013

Grilled Zucchini - A Recipe Idea if you are outside Grilling this weekend

Well folks, you were supposed to be getting a post on Asian Marinated Grilled Chicken Thighs but my camera battery died before I could transfer the pictures. 

And I have four loads on laundry to fold and put away before bed. I hate that job. 

We had a CRAZY busy day. We are landscaping our front yard in between caring for three children. And we always give ourselves these crazy deadlines. For instance we have 4 yards of rock being delivered tomorrow at some unspecified time. For once we need them to be late - please be late.  We still have lots to do before it gets here.

So I need to get folding and I need to get to bed. Those little bricks are deceptively heavy and hard on the body. Hubby is limping and I'm just bloody exhausted.

And I need to fix my blackberry. It hasn't been working for the past three days. I feel like someone cut off my arm. 

So is that enough excuses for why you aren't getting a proper blog post with some kind of useful information?

Hope so because that's all I've got. But at least I've got a recipe from the archives that's a good one to share.

If you are grilling this weekend, why not make zucchini as your side dish instead of potatoes. They are so darn delicious. Everyone who tries these are surprised - they don't expect much from zucchini........but they are really good. 

Grilled Zucchini

3 small fresh zucchini
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 tbsp Italian seasoning
Sprinkle of garlic powder, fine sea salt and pepper
Parmesan cheese (optional - omit for Candida diet)

Wash well. remove ends. Cut each zucchini into 6 wedges lengthwise. Put into a glass loaf pan. Sprinkle with oil and spices. Mix thoroughly. Cook on grill until tender but still slightly firm. About 3 minutes each side on medium high heat. Remove from grill and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese before serving hot. These are also good leftover on pizza, in omelets or on a salad.

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