Friday, May 10, 2013

Fitness Friday - Mama Gets Fit with a Tabata Plyometric Workout - Here's a sample

Well, I have been faithfully working out for the past 8 1/2 months. For the first 6/7 months I was loving getting to the YMCA for my group classes at 9:15 a few times a week. But baby's getting older and I am feeling bad about disrupting his nap so my Y visits are getting fewer and farther between. 

Now I was never good at working out at home. I hate jogging and I find the treadmill BORING as heck. Haven't turned mine on in about 2 years. So I HAD to come up with a home workout that I enjoyed and THIS IS IT. 

I can get this done in about 35 minutes. Its an all over body workout. You don't need any equipment except a laptop or phone that you can use for the Tabata Timer. Go to for the free timer. 

Each round will take you 4:00 minutes. Basically you do each move as hard as you can for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds. Each round you will do the moves twice each for a total of 8 moves. 

In between rounds I usually need a 1-2 minute recovery for water and if I'm really energetic I like to do some light weights (say biceps after round 1, shoulder press after round 2, triceps after round 3) for an "active recovery". Just to help with this chicken arm situation. 

If you push as hard as you can for 20 seconds you will be sweaty and you will get fit. If you don't know all of these moves just Google them or do a search on Pinterest. Or replace the unknowns with something you do know. Just keep moving. 

I don't talk about fitness a lot on my blog but it has been a huge factor in getting my health (and body) back. I am having "mood" issues and I always feel so much better after my work outs. 

I was losing some motivation this week - I don't need to lose any more weight and I'm getting a bit tired. Baby is still up 3 times a night 10 months in (arghhhh). But Wednesday my cardio instructor gave us a pep talk on "keeping going, never stopping" especially in the tough seasons of our life. It was timely.

I  like feeling fit. I like running up the stairs without getting winded. I like throwing my baby in the air and watching him squeal. I need to stay fit.

I found something I love. I just need to keep it up.  

You can't get bored with this - especially if you keep changing up the moves which I do everytime I work out.

This is just a sample of what I did this morning during babies nap. But he's up now so I gotta go. Have fun. 

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