Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Reflections.........WHAT A WEEK!

I almost skipped a post today.

We are actually feeling better(ish). Just not back to my full energy levels yet so I don't feel like doing all the little extras. Like washing my hair. Or writing a blog post.

But after missing work for a week I need to go back tomorrow. So I gotta go wash my hair.

And I thought I better write a quick post to let everyone know we are okay.

I think my last post might have been a bit melodramatic. I got some very concerned inquiries from friends on what was wrong with us.

Just a virus. A nasty one. But just a virus.

Its just that when you have 3 kids and the majority of the house gets sick at the same time (4 out of 5) and you are one of those people - it can seem really dramatic at the time. And overwhelming. Especially when the fevers last for 6 days (for me).

But we got through it. Having a (new) job that actually facilitates staying home when you are very sick really helped with the getting through it part.

We made it through. And we are okay.

Thanks for the concern. Now go wash your hands. There are some nasty germs out there!

PS. I wish I had some words of wisdom or great tips on how to get/stay healthy the all-natural way. But let's be real - I was too sick to stick to my own rules - we were scarfing down Tylenol and pharmaceuticals left and right. It was an "epic fail" in regards to staying clean. But since my journey is about learning to live clean its also about learning when to say no and accept that I'm not perfect. When I need help. When I need to do whatever I can to survive. And I did that. So I'm a little disappointed I didn't beat this thing with Olive Leaf Extract and Salt gargles but only a little. I did what I had to do to survive.

However I am going to be needing some liver detox after my walk on the wild side..............beets anyone??

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