Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Reflections - We are a HOT Mess - B12 Injections to the rescue

Hot. Mess.

I've been having digestive issues. Again. My Candida is back. Again. My adrenals are struggling. Again.

On top of trying to figure out how to balance my own body, I've got three little ones that need attention.

My first daughter, the one with severe leaky gut is doing amazing. She is happy and healthy but keeping her on an egg, dairy, gluten, sugar, soy, peanut, etc, etc, etc - free diet requires constant vigilance and energy.

My second daughter, whom we recently found out has strong food sensitivities to dairy, has pretty severe anemia and low Vitamin D. We saw a dramatic improvement in her moods after being on iron supplements for a few weeks but she regressed pretty badly this week. So now my head is spinning trying to figure out what happened. Also, getting kids to take iron three times a day - not fun.

My little guy, who basically follows a dairy free diet with his sisters also has something going on. He has a really bad rash around his mouth (for a couple of months) and his moods are pretty intense. He seems "off". Again, wracking my brain and searching the internet to try and figure out what is triggering it. He doesn't eat dairy. He eats a very low gluten and egg diet. Very little processed foods and not much sugar. But I'm convinced he's got food sensitivities and I just don't know to what. And I'm sure he's anemic like the rest of us.

I swear some days I feel more like a private investigator than a mother. I'm trying to solve the mystery that is our poor digestive health. And its very confusing.

But on the plus side, my shoulder is holding (that amazes me) and my anxiety calmed right down this week after I upped my adrenal support.

And I did figure a couple things out...........

1) B12 Injections ARE A MIRACLE. I actually have known this for a while but I had a good reminder today.

I was feeling pretty terrible this week. Completely spaced out at times. Icky. Tired.

I went for a B12 shot yesterday and I feel like a completely new woman today. SERIOUSLY.

Night and Day.

Its not a cure. I know I have lots of other work to do. But damn, does it help. I felt great today. My energy levels are way up. My blood sugar didn't feel all over the place. And I felt really happy. Yay!

I just like to remind others of this option if they haven't tried it. Per Western medicine my B12 levels are "in the normal range". Bullshit. Sorry. And taking a pill isn't the answer when your digestive lining is buggered up like mine. This works wonders for me.

2) Candida sucks. Yeah. Its back. And I know I have to deal with it. And I know what I have to do to deal with it. A sugar, vinegar, yeast, fruit, pork, carbohydrate free diet. A round of pro-biotics (at least I never stopped those). A rotation of anti-fungals. I KNOW I need to do this. I went and bought my anti-fungals. I'm ready..................

But that's the thing. I'm NOT READY. I don't want to give up fruit again. I don't want to give up bacon again. Aggghhhhhh. I'm putting it off. But I will do it soon. Stay tuned.

3) HOT YOGA is great when you are a HOT MESS. I have just started doing hot yoga regularly and I am LOVING it. Really. Everything about it. The HEAT. Check (watch the Winnipeg forecast and you will know why). The deep stretch and strength. Check. The stilling of the mind. Check. The breathing. Double Check.

What was the purpose of this post. I don't really know. I'm a hot mess remember. I'm allowed to be all over the place. And I may be confused but I'm learning. I'm on the path back to health. And I'm having a fabulous weekend because I'm on some sort of B12 high, I haven't started my Candida diet yet (yay for strawberry smoothies) and I had an awesome Hot Yoga session today.

So life is a big hot confusing, frustrating and awesome adventure.

I bet now you are confused?

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