Monday, July 8, 2013

The Rustic Vintage Wedding Was Amazing! My brother is a married man!

I don't normally share a bunch of personal details of my life other than my health related ramblings. But my brother and his new wife (yikes - the baby of the family is married) did such an amazing job planning this wedding that I just had to at least share a couple of pictures. I don't have any of the lovely couple yet but I might have to post one of those later on when I get some.

They did a RUSTIC VINTAGE THEME and it was amazing. They had so many cute details I could start a rustic vintage wedding blog but since this is a clean eating blog I will just give a couple of the highlights:
  • The ceremony was in my Mom's backyard at the farm. The yard and gardens looked unbelievable. They hung huge reclaimed wood frames from the trees and got married in front of it. It was so cool. Not to mention the vintage cars they borrowed. Drool. The official pictures - taken by my friend - are going to be amazing.  
  • The ceremony was written by the bride and officiated by their friend - forever to be referred to as Reverand Rick. It was so pretty. I was so nervous for my brother. Not a huge fan of public speaking or displays of any kind. He did awesome. I got to be part of the hand fasting ceremony. So cool. I was compelled (last week) to finally get one of my late baba's vintage dresses altered. I don't have one picture to share (yet) but it was pretty awesome to have a piece of her there with us during the ceremony. 
  • The bride wore a beautiful lace dress and she looked so gorgeous. Timeless. The guys outfits rocked.
  • My little girl got to be flower girl and learned the concept of "nervous" for the first time. She did awesome. No problems. She walked down the isle blowing bubbles. She looked lovely. 
  • We danced the night away. Well until 11:30 when the flower girl finally had her way and we took her home). She was so tired. I loved dancing with my girls. I will never forget that part. 
  • In the "get them to kiss" game I picked "do a tequila shooter". Shit, shit, shit. I refused to drink a glass full of sugar and yeast. If I'm cheating on this Candida diet it is for a cupcake not tequila. Anyway, my husband did it for me (Thank you, Thank you, Thank you - he hates tequila but he loves me more). All 250 people at the wedding probably now think I'm pregnant. Again. I'm not. I swear. We are done. 
  • Both T and I cheated a bit on our diets. Not major. She had a perogy and a SMALL bite of ice cream. And then got a tummy ache. I had some wheat breaded chicken and some wheat laden gravy. I also had a tummy ache and a food hangover the next day. But we also didn't get much sleep for a couple of nights so hard to tell the cause. I'm dealing with a small Candida flare up now but my stomach was off for a week before either from nerves or psyllium husks that I was experimenting with. Not sure. 
Overall it was an amazing day. I am so happy for them that it all went well and honored that they let us take part in the ceremony. 

Okay - I want to get married again so I can do such a cool theme. 

Here are a few of the great details............there were tons more but I'm just giving a glimpse.  Sorry that there is no recipe today. I am nursing my Candida flare up and food hangover. And resting up (more like scrambling to pull together) my little guys 1 YEAR BIG BOY MUSTACHE BIRTHDAY PARTY on Wednesday. Yikes. He's already going to be one. Its a sad/happy time. But I promise a recipe on Wednesday either way..................

Their friend made this cupcake stand for them. Incredible. Made out of wood. Another friend made the cupcakes. They have a lot of talented friends. I didn't even have one cupcake. Yes - I'm proud of myself. 
The flower girls and ring bearer. Too cute. Instead of handing out programs they just made a easel/chalkboard/reclaimed frame with the details. Very environmentally friendly. And so cute. 

That's my other brother. OMG. The guys in the wedding party are more the leather vest/bandana wearing/Harley driving type than the stuffed shirt type. So they rocked these outfits. They cleaned up nice. The pictures in black and white are going to be timeless.

Overall one of those days to remember that's all about love and peace, friends and family, celebration and commitment. A great start to a wonderful union of two people very much in love. Yay!

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