Sunday, April 28, 2013

Clean, happy and hungry!

Clean. Yep - still eating clean. See pictures below. Yep - still struggling with the sweets. Pictures not all shown - too embarrassing. Iron deficiency seems to be back under control. Stomach has been okay. Feeling quite energetic. Which leads to.........

Happy. I feel happy when I have energy. And the snow is almost melted. The kids are ecstatic to be able to spend time outside. We are also happy when the kids are happy. And when the house gets a lot less messy because they are busy playing in the backyard. Awesome all around. But..............

Hungry. Well, its normal for me to be hungry all the time. But I'm even hungrier than normal. Can't seem to fill myself up. Could either be that baby is having a growth spurt (making up for some lost calories from his brutal stomach flu last week) so nursing like a champ or my body is trying to have some kind of growth spurt (great). 

Or it could be that I was instructed by my doctor to start eating wheat everyday for three weeks before I get tested for Celiac. According to the Wheat Belly book, wheat is an appetite stimulant? Maybe its the wheat. 

I don't know for sure but I do know that when I get this hungry it gets hard to stay away from the sweets. My body just wants the calories and begs for them. So I was back on the dark chocolate and I had a few treats. Which I of course did in the name of my Celiac test. Its dangerous to have that kind of excuse to rely on.

Anyway - my meals were good. Just the treats were cheats. So I still have lots of ideas here from the week to help you stay clean...................Good luck!

Left-over almond flour breaded cod, garlic shrimp and mashed sweet potatoes. Okay - its not Red Lobster but it was pretty good and probably 1000 less calories per serving.

Spring Mix, Kale Super Salad, Rotisserie chicken and onion dressing. I feel best on days when I eat this kind of lunch.   Gotta remember that and stick with it. 

Still eating lots of hemp and Chia porridge for breakfast. I put hemp protein powder in this one. Yikes - that stuff is weedy. I must say I prefer the hemp hearts to the protein powder. I'm going to have to do some fancy experimenting to figure out how I'm going to use that can up.

Swiss Steak - Yum. Recipe to come some day soon!

Swiss steak with Costco Kale Super Salad. 

Hot Chia and Hemp porridge (again). This time I put a whipped banana in there. It was so good. I'm only supposed to eat banana 2 times a week (allergy test). I could eat this everyday. So not fair. I am so hoping my allergy re-test shows bananas aren't my problem anymore - please, please, please. Results coming this week......

Curry, raisin and apple chicken salad. with a chopped broccoli salad. I love the combination of the chicken with the apples and curry. Even baby loves this - its what finally got him to start eating textured foods. 

Pumpkin protein powder pancakes with a maple/yogurt glaze. Sounds weird. It was. But it hit the spot. I didn't intend for this to be a recipe as I was just playing around but it turned out great so the recipe will be coming.

Pork loin roast, gravy, fried onions and cabbage with steamed green beans.

Hey - how did this get in here. Okay - these were NOT CLEAN. The cupcakes I made for my daughter's Little Pony birthday party. I only ate one - just because the doctor ordered me to eat wheat. You know what - they look better than they tasted. You aren't missing much. I'm not kidding. 

These are the vanilla cupcakes from the Wheat Belly Cookbook. I added some lemon oil and fresh squeezed lemon to the batter. Then I topped with an icing made from cream cheese, butter, coconut milk, vanilla. lemon oil and Stevia. These were CLEAN, low-carb, gluten free cupcakes that tasted awesome. They weren't as cute but they tasted way better. Seriously.

Ranch roasted cauliflower with bacon bits. Amazingly good and a bit sweet. Who knew. Try them. You won't be disappointed.

Paleo Beef and Pork Burgers done on our NEW grill. So excited to finally have a new bbq that actually works properly. There will be lots of grilling going on for the next 5 months. Sorry if you don't have a bbq.

Greek salad. Grill the peppers and onions before adding to the salad. Makes it so much fancier. So good.

That's my supper. A bun-less burger, cauliflower and Greek salad. It was awesome. But unfortunately I was starving an hour later. I was actually starving while I was finishing eating. Honestly - I can't fill up. 
So that's my week. Lots of smoothies and dark chocolate not shown.

And I think I finally slowed down on the apple nacho's. Hmmmm, I better go buy some apples. Maybe that's why I'm so hungry.

I already brushed my teeth in an attempt to stop eating. But I think I'm going to go make a snack anyway................

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