Sunday, April 7, 2013

Clean, Clean, Squeaky Clean with a Little Dark Chocolate on the Side

I started off the week reading and writing all about alkaline versus acidic foods. So I was really motivated this week to eat LOTS of veggies. I didn't get pictures of all our meals - too distracted in my mission to build the kids an art wall (which included lots of running around to Home Depot, Michaels & Ikea - I LOVE maternity leave) but we ate lots of sweet potatoes, cabbage, cabbage salads and beets. When going clean - you just gotta keep reminding yourself that when in doubt eat veggies. And then eat some more veggies...............with a side of veggies.

 Some weeks I get off track a bit and my intake of fruit, dairy, nuts and chocolate gets a little out of control. I'm breastfeeding so don't have to count calories (yet) but even if those foods are "clean" I need to watch how much I'm eating of them. And it usually means I'm not eating enough veggies if I'm relying on them too heavily to keep me full - which is difficult since I'm always hungry.

I did way better this week on limiting my dairy, fruit and nuts but that darn dark chocolate was on my brain and sneaking into my mouth every time I turned around. Its full of antioxidants so its okay in moderation but I really overdid it. So next week I will be working on limiting my dark chocolate intake. My sweet tooth and I are in a constant battle.

So here are the pictures I did get when I wasn't busy coming up with projects for my husband. Hope you find some inspiration for clean-eating ideas this week......................and if you missed yesterdays post I will be posting on Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays and Sundays from now on. Summer hours even though based on the piles of snow outside summer isn't coming...............

Haddock breaded with rice krispies and flax (had to get creative when cooking with someone else's wheat-filled pantry), roasted sweet potatoes, marinated salad and creamy broccoli salad. Great veggie heavy meal that was delicious. Very alkaline - pat on the back to my Mom!

I already shared this recipe - but I think I ate a piece (okay maybe two) of this peanut butter slice  quite a few days in a row so it was kind of a staple this week. Not very alkaline but I offset it with lots of veggies so hopefully I'm okay.

Hot pumpkin Chia and Hemp pudding. With some pumpkin yogurt on top. Sprinkled with raisins, coconut and way too much cinnamon. But its okay - cinnamon is great for your metabolism so don't be shy.

Spaghetti squash (rescued from my Mom's since they weren't being eaten) topped with Parmesan and meat-sauce. Our first batch of meat-sauce that was grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free. It was delish!

I whipped up another spaghetti squash casserole with the leftovers. Some grilled chicken breast and roasted beets. Did you know beets taste like candy and are awesome on salad? 

Another cabbage and ham soup topped with pepita's - we seriously eat a pot of this each week. Cabbage is GOOD for you. Do it!

Asparagus. Haven't had it in forever. Was so missing out. Love it. With leftover spaghetti squash casserole and nitrate free honey garlic sausages. 

Some kind of desperate attempt at "dessert". Can't remember what went in but I think some combination of coconut milk, Chia seeds, cocoa, Stevia and maybe yogurt. And topped with more dark chocolate of course.

Beef and Pork Paleo burgers with roasted sweet potatoes. Notice anything unusual??? Hubby forgot that I don't eat processed food so I got a piece of a "one molecule away from plastic" cheese slice melted on top. I would be lying if I didn't admit is was damn good. Sorry - it was. I could have removed it but its bad for the environment and socially irresponsible to waste food. Yup - that's my story!

Salad - we ate lots of greens this week. I had to make up for a weekend of eating away from the house which entailed more carbs and less greens than usual.

Hot Chia and Hemp Seed Protein Porridge with Pumpkin. Yummy!

Chicken salad with apples and curry. A modification on my Paleo Chicken Curry Apple recipe. I didn't have time to look up my proper recipe. It was still good but my original recipe was better. Try it. 

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