Wednesday, February 6, 2013 Delivers to Winnipeg / Canada

I had an awesome day! Apparently the combination of baby only being up 3 times last night and 3 days of eating Chia seeds has taken my energy to a whole new level. I was flying at the gym this morning. Really - I kind of felt high. And then baby let me shop at all my "old" favorite haunts - Rona, the Habitat for Humanity Restore and the EQ3 Warehouse - which I haven't frequented lately because I have been too busy scouring Winnipeg for "clean" ingredients.

My order - it came in the cutest box. All the packaging is awesome and they threw in a sample of Goji berries - nice!
When we got back I had a knock on the door and was very excited to find my order had arrived. I feel kind of bad that I keep mentioning Costco and Bulk Barn products all the time knowing that some people don't have access to those I'm hoping this could be a good option for you rural folk. Plus I would hate for someone to think they can't start eating clean because the ingredients aren't accessible or they are too expensive.

I mainly placed an order with (a US family owned company) to get blanched almond flour at a significantly lower price than I could find here in Winnipeg. There are two kinds of ground almonds generally used in cooking/baking: Almond Meal and Blanched Almond Flour. The Almond Meal can be made by grinding raw almonds in a food processor. If you buy almonds at Costco, for instance, you can get them for $12.99 for 3 lbs so your Almond Meal is about $4.29 per pound. Pretty reasonable, but unfortunately almond meal can't be used for all recipes. Especially if you are doing a lot of baking where you need a lighter, finer flour. I'm in that camp plus I kind of like the convenience of it being ground for me. So I still need to buy blanched almond flour. Problem is that it's hard to find - I went to three different health food stores and they were all sold out and its expensive - $11.50 per lb at Bulk Barn.  I just can't handle that price - I'm too cheap.........which is why I hang around places like the Habitat for Humanity Restore.

Baby loved this box and the colourful bags. Kept him entertained for at least a half hour. I am smitten with that kid!
So I decided to place an order with I ordered a 25 lb box of almond flour (sharing some with another Wheat-free friend) and it came to about $6 per lb including all my shipping, duties and taxes. Yay - half the price. I know 25 lbs sounds like a lot, but you only get about 4 cups per pound and you can keep it in the freezer for at least 6 months. Given how much flour you can go through in one recipe (3 cups for pancakes) its actually not that crazy to think you can go through that much in 6 months.

That's 25 lbs of blanched almond flour. I repacked it in tupper-ware containers. I have lots of room in my freezer for it where my bread, egg rolls, pizza, etc, etc, etc used to be! No problem.
I also ordered a few other things that I can't find in Winnipeg such as 100% cacao nibs and Peanut flour.  For you rural folks they also carry lots of other items you might be interested in such as raw nuts, dried fruits, flours, seeds, etc. Shipping worked out to about $2 per pound and I believe they ship anywhere in Canada. Hey - and why not convince your friends to go clean and then you can put in a big order and share in the shipping costs.

If you are interested in more recipes using almond flour, the Elana's Pantry website has a ton. Also, one more plug for the Wheat Belly Cookbook - buy it, read it, live it! You will thank me when you feel awesome!


  1. I buy pretty much everything you have suggested but cacao nibs are not my favourite. What do you use them with?

    1. Hey Lisa - Yeah they aren't great on their own but I LOVE the crunchiness of them on pretty much anything. You can throw them into a batch of protein bars (I will have a new recipe this week which includes them) or probably any baking recipe. I sprinkle them on yogurt or on my chia or chia/hemp pudding or porridge. Or you can throw them in a smoothie. I had a chocolate protein powder smoothie this morning and I threw some in with it and it tasted yummy. I guess its the crunch that I like more than the flavor but the flavor becomes pretty subdued when you mix it with something else - especially chocolate. Hope that helps.

    2. Ok I will wait for the recipe. I will put it in my puddings and stuff too. I also like the crunch

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