Sunday, February 10, 2013

Clean, Low-carb, Grain-free, Sugar-free Meal Ideas for the Week ahead!

Another week is done and another week of great clean meals behind us. I don't get a chance to post all of our meals so I thought I would once again send you some of the meals you "missed" to give you some inspiration and ideas for the week ahead. And to show you that clean doesn't mean deprivation. One of hubby's friends said to him this week "how can you live like that"? It's hard to imagine what you eat with no processed foods, grains or sugar but as you can see by the pictures I think he is eating pretty good - just different!

 We were out at the Forks skating today, which I haven't done for 10 years. I could still stay upright and even helped my 5-year old without making us both fall. What fun! But I was reminded about how hard it is to keep eating clean when you are out and about and how hard its going to be once mat leave is over. Its going to mean some savvy grocery shopping and some prep before the week starts - so boil some eggs, cut up some veggies and make sure you always have some leafy greens around because Chef's salads are a life saver...................

Low carb Shiratake noodles with spinach, shrimp, goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes.

Paleo Devilled Eggs - these are one of my favorite mid-afternoon snacks.
Chef's salad - this is a staple in our house. Quick lunch if you keep some eggs on hand. 

A little parfait for the girls - they love when I make them fancy. The granola is not grain free but it is the ancient grains variety from Costco. I don't eat it myself but they like it.

A little bacon, apple, maple squash soup I made with some of the pureed butternut squash I made for baby-food. Baby HATED it. Tasted good as soup - not sure what his problem is.

Balsamic Glazed Brussel Sprouts - still sprouts but not bad.

Greek Salad - another staple in our house.
Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies from the Wheat Belly Cookbook - OMG these are good. Even my picky eaters loved them and they are grain free. 

Another chef's salad with cottage cheese. 
Open faced pork, apple and swiss melt on leftover almond bread from my hot pork sandwiches.

Ham and black olive pizza - Crust recipe from the Wheat Belly Cookbook. That's one good grain-free pizza crust.
Frittata - this will be a new staple. Just throw in leftover meat, cheese, veggies and some eggs. Bake and voila - an easy wheat-free lunch.

Grilled Chicken Breast with Mama's modified Wheat Belly BBQ sauce served with grilled sweet potatoes and beans/carrot mixture.


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