Sunday, June 19, 2016

My Fitness Journey - PX903 - A New Adventure

Well Folks. I've been on a new fitness adventure for the past 4 weeks............P90X3. Its a 90 day workout system that you do at home via either BeachBody on Demand (online streaming) or via the DVD's. I started with the BeachBody on Demand free 30 day trial but ended up buying the DVD's off Kijiji for a steal of a deal.

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I've even given up my gym membership..........which was actually quite traumatic for me. I have residual feelings of guilt and sadness every time I see that YMCA logo:( It has been such a big part of my life these past 3 1/2 years.

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I'm such a traitor.............I'm sorry YMCA.
I was quite happy with my level of fitness and my gym rat routine so why the change? Well I had a few reasons:

Time - I don't have it. I had been working out at the YMCA 4 times a week, usually for 45 minutes. I would either go:

  • on a day off to a 9:15 class which meant I wasn't done my workout until 10:00. By the time I took a shower, "put on my face" and drove home it would be 11 or later. I tended to chat in the locker room - hence the later, or 
  • during my lunch hour at work which took about 1 1/2 hours by the time I walked there and back, showered, etc, or 
  • before work. That was the best option in terms of limiting the time investment since I would just roll out of bed and go. But I would have to remember to pack SO MUCH STUFF the night before or risk showing up at work with no mascara (scary), no bra (that happened) or mismatched shoes. 
I chose P90X3 because the workouts are only 30 minutes (plus a little cool down) and include a blend of cardio, strength and flexibility training. I get up at 5:45 or 6:00 (depending on whether its a work day), do my workout, have my shower and "put on my face" by 7:15. Done. Its incredible. The time savings in my day are incredible. So simple. 

The downside is that I miss my YMCA friendships - those retired ladies are super nice and super inspirational. And I haven't taken many proper lunch breaks for weeks. Going for a class forced me to take a lunch break which was a great mental break. But the savings in time, increase in productivity and reduction in stress have been worth it. 

Strategy - I didn't have one. I went to a variety of classes. I did yoga, HIIT, strength training, dance, Zumba, lifted weights. You name it, I did it. The plus side was that my workouts never got boring and my general level of fitness was pretty high from the constant muscle confusion. But I have to admit that I had hit a plateau. And the little layer of blubber around my middle was evidence. Don't get me wrong, lots of that problem is diet related (okay - sugar related - damn you sugar) but I also started to suspect that as much as I like the unpredictability of my workout I had absolutely no strategy. No targets for when/how much cardio strength or flexibility training I was getting in any given week/month. Hence the plateau. I needed a trainer (for which I'm way too cheap) and some structure in my workouts. 

Variety - I need it. As mentioned above I like variety in my workouts. And I also tend to get a little obsessed with one thing for a while and then get sick of it. I've been through various phases where I go hard on one type of exercise, and then I'm over it and move on to the next thing. I went through a pretty hard-core yoga phase in 2014/15 so now everyone thinks I'm a YOGI - except I haven't really practiced for the past year. Shhhh - let's pretend I'm still super zen. Namaste. 

So maybe this is just my next thing. Which is fine. I'll do it for 90 days and then see what comes next. It keeps things fun and interesting. Its got me pretty excited about working out again.

So that's why I've given up my gym membership (gasp) and am doing P90X3 in the confines of my basement. I've just finished up week 4 so stay tuned on how I'm finding it- another blog post is imminent.

Lots to report. No - I don't have a six pack...........but maybe a two pack. And I have time. I definitely have more time. Notice I've actually started blogging again..................


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