Saturday, April 19, 2014

Weekend Reflections - Blogging, Burpees, Baskets and Blessings

Easter Weekend. 

A time to celebrate. A time for tradition. A time to be thankful. 

A time to do burpees? 

I'm playing with blogger. Now that I don't "have" to blog twice a week I feel like blogging. And I felt like trying to see if I could add a video to my blog. My first one EVER!

So my 4 year old took a video of me doing burpees this morning (she nailed it). I have no idea if its going to work. If it does, that's me. And yes, it is April 19th and our front yard is still covered in snow. 

I LOVE doing burpees. Full - hit the floor and then jump in the air- burpees. I know some people will hate me for saying that. Sorry. Maybe you like jogging. Well I hate jogging. We're even.  

Seriously though. I have three kids, I work, I make most of our food from scratch - I don't have much time to work out. So I go hard when I do. I've had a few people ask me what I'm training for - life. Keeping up with three kids. But don't ask me to run. I don't run. 

So if you want to get in shape - try doing three sets of 10 - even if that is ALL you do you will have had a good workout. They are killer and AWESOME! But start slow - work up to the full burpees - work up to 10. I don't want anyone to hurt themselves. 

And we are counting our blessings this weekend. I am happy to say that I am feeling REALLY good. I've had lots of ups and downs the past 5 years. Some really LOW lows. But right now, today, I feel pretty great. The stars have aligned for me. I've worked for it. I keep working for it. I can't let my guard down. I take care of myself. It might seem selfish sometimes - always protecting my sleep, getting my workouts in, taking my supplements, eating a certain way (which can be a pain for others if they feel the need to feed me), saying NO. But the pay off for those around me is that I am happy. I have energy. My husband told me yesterday - I've been really liking you lately. Thanks hubby. I like you too. I'm more likable when I'm healthy and I like others a lot more.   

Rather than being trapped in survival mode, I have energy to do fun things with my kids. And actually be in the moment with them to enjoy it. 

So here are a couple of other fun things we have been doing this weekend................

Our Good Friday craft. Making stamps out of potato's. That was followed by making perogies out of potatoes. Recipe to come sometimes this week. 

We went to church to get our baskets blessed!  A little non-traditional twist on a very traditional part of my childhood. Are those Caramilk clean? NO. Did I have one. Yes!

I hope everyone has a very blessed and beautiful Easter! 

Христос Воскрес! (Khrystos Voskres!)

Christ is Risen!

BTW if someone happens to say that to you "in person" this is how you should respond........

Воїстину Воскрес! (Voyistynu Voskres!)

 Truly He is Risen! 

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