Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mama Gets Fit - Dancers Pose on a Bosu and Other Fitness Fun

Let me tell you......taking a selfie with your "free" hand when you are doing dancers pose on a Bosu is not easy. I'm pretty pumped I was able to get a decent shot without hurting myself

Anyway, this is what I've been up to at the gym lately.

I was getting a little bored with my usually routine. Actually not really bored, I like my routine. Just looking for the new challenge.

And one of my YMCA instructors was recently talking about the importance of balance as you get older. And I have been finding lots of grey hairs this week (I just colored my hair -  wtf).

And I have been CRAVING to dance.

So all this resulted in my starting to try all sorts of balancing poses and ballet moves on the top of the BOSU.

Its so fun. But my sense of fun is kind of weird.

And its a great core workout. A great overall workout.

You should try it. Carefully. And maybe privately. I do this at the gym and my husband is pretty embarrassed to be seen with me.

What is the point of this post. I don't know. I'm just high on my monthly B12 shot, I just finished my first year-end at my new job (and discovered I actually love accounting - who knew) and I'm feeling invigorated with the freedom of not having to post recipes every Wednesday (although I have an awesome chocolate chip peanut cookie recipe coming).

Or maybe the point is to keep doing new things with fitness if you are getting bored. Keep it interesting. Keep it fun. Even if you look like a complete weirdo ballet freak. Do it for you..

I gotta run...........40 more get ups to do tonight before bed.

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