Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas - Hope you are having a Clean One!

Or not. If there is one day you are going to cheat this year today would be it.

Next week we will all deal with the ramifications. Depending on how many Nanaimo squares I eat I might be back to Phase One of the Candida Cleanse.

And that's okay. I know it works now. And I know it is not impossible to stick to.

Our entirely "un-clean" Gingerbread house.
Doesn't it look cute and tasty!
We aren't tasting it but it was fun for the girls to build with their baba.
And it looks awesome.

I also know that if I am going to protect my Adrenals I have to minimize my stress. Part of that is letting go a bit on the clean eating if I'm away from my own kitchen and at the mercy of Gluten-heavy, butter dripping, salt loving Ukrainian kitchens (or two). I'll do what I can to stay clean. Fill up on as many veggies and proteins as I can and cheat a bit if I must.

But its not a free pass. Just a cheat pass.

I'm giving you a cheat pass today too! Pick one or two things you love. That you normally deny yourself and enjoy it. Just be in the moment when you do it. Enjoy the experience. And then move on.

I hope you all have a great Christmas!


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