Saturday, May 17, 2014

MamaGetsFit - Forearms and Fun.......with a little anxiety on the side

Up, Up and AWAY! I can do them. If very briefly. Next time I'll wear my hair back so you can see that my head is not touching the ground.

Hey Folks.

Happy May Long Weekend.

The sun is finally shining in Winnipeg. We are FINALLY getting spring.

That makes me happy.

And the fact that the ANXIETY that was gripping me for the past week or two seems to have left the building also makes me happy. Very happy. So happy I could do handstands.

Actually, my cousin sent me a pin (and a challenge) that she wanted to see me do forearm handstands.

So I have been working on them. My daughter had to take this picture when we were at the park. Poor kid..............I am really embarrassing to go places with.

Easy. No. Do-able. Barely. Fun. Hell yeah!

So far the longest one I have been able to hold was about 5 seconds. The falling out of a forearm handstand part is not really that fun............

So just a little progress update for my cuz! Thanks for the challenge.............always good to get some new goals and a little muscle confusion.

I will give another update on my anxiety when I feel confident I have licked it. Day 2 of being anxiety free so I don't want to shout my solutions from the rooftops and jinx myself.

So if all goes well I will do a post soon on how I licked my anxiety. And my kids have been busy licking lots of spoons -  so I've got some really great new recipes coming too!

Hope you all have a tasty, up-side-down, anxiety-free long weekend!

Yeah - that hurts.............I like it much better when I fall back down the other way.


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