This blog is documenting my journey to heal my adrenal fatigue, insomnia, Candida, leaky gut and food sensitivities (for me and my daughter).

It started as a family cookbook but it turned into a journal of so much more. Eating clean has been the single biggest thing I have done to gain my health but I've done lots of other things along the way that are helping me thrive.

So please check out my Recipe Index or Recipage if you are looking for clean foods to heal.

But I also have some great tips on what other things you can do to help sort through all the issues that unfortunately come with poor digestive health................

Insomnia - Click here to read my post on how I cured my insomnia. My lifetime of insomnia that is gone, gone, gone.

Adrenal Fatigue - Click here to read my post on how I am curing my adrenal fatigue and burn out the all natural way.

Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue and Candida - Click here to read my post on the differences in my symptoms between Adrenal Fatigue, Candida flare ups and Candida die off.

Click here to read about How Adrenal Fatigue settled in my Shoulder and Neck and How I recovered 

IGG testing & Food Sensitivities - Click here to see a sample of my IGG food sensitivity panels if you are wondering what they are all about.

IGG testing & Food Sensitivities in Children - Click here to read my daughter's story and how we are healing her leaky gut through an elimination of her food sensitivities including gluten, egg and dairy.

Good luck on your own journey of healing and have hope! You can heal yourself naturally. It takes time and commitment but being the best, most energetic version of yourself is worth it.

And keep in mind that I'm an accountant.......not a medical professional. I'm just sharing my experiences in case they can help someone else. Always consult with a doctor (a Naturopath would be my first choice if you have the resources) if you have any major health concerns.

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  1. The body's much preferred source of fuel is complex carbs [ grains] a scientific fact .Paleo is terrible, high protein, low carb leads to Ketosis [ an acidic blood Ph ] and health problems like gout .